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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some common questions about our lease programs:

Do you do a credit check?
If you are approved as a contractor with a no-down payment partner carrier there is no credit check required. Those customers looking for a short term lease will be checked for their credit history.

How much are weekly lease payments?
For long term leases the payments vary depending on the age of the truck, the features on the truck and if you are going to do a straight lease or a lease-to-own program. Weekly lease payments are generally in the range of $600-800 and will depend on the truck selected.

Who are the approved “no down payment” carrier partners?
Please call to find out the current carriers who are approved. We are always looking for more “no down payment” carrier partners and if you would like to get a carrier approved we will consider them if they meet the requirements on this list (link to PDF file)

Do I have to provide an escrow for maintenance?
Yes. You are required to escrow $.10 cents per mile for maintenance. $.06 cents per mile goes into a maintenance account and $.04 cents per mile goes into a tire replacement account ($.10 cents total)

Do the trucks have warranty?
The trucks generally have the balance of the manufacturers warranty but this varies by truck and most 2014 models will be out of warranty. Armada Leasing, LLC does not provide warranty for the truck, any warranties available are provided by the manufacturer.

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